Sakhisizwe Private Equity has a strict and robust process for analysing possible business parents before committing to add value and invest capital to grow the business. Our investment is your success.

Once you have our commitment and buy in, we like to sit with your management team and understand the roles and processes that are currently in place. Identifying new opportunities with the team to help reach our targets, together. Maintaining a strong collaboration with the existing team who have already been such an asset to the business. 

Sakhisizwe Private Equity does not intend to lose any staff over this period, and we believe that the team play an integral part to the continued success of the business.

The Key management will have to commit themselves to the business as an essential first step in Sakhisizwe Private Equity considering any investment.

We require a board seat on all companies in which we invest. Our approach being to assist the management team in improving the formal side of their business whilst they focus on the operations whilst also ensuring clear lines of communication between shareholders and management.

Sakhisizwe Private Equity does not invest in entities operating in the alcohol, pork, pornography, gambling, tobacco, conventional interest-based lending and weapons and defence industries.

How do I qualify to partner with Sakhisizwe Private Equity?