SME Black Economic Empowerment Private Equity firm.

Sakhisizwe Private Equity is focused on investments in Technology, Infrastructure, Insurance and Financial Services through various specialised funds.

Sakhisizwe Private Equity is a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Private Equity Firm with its focus on generating long-term capital appreciation by investing in great businesses in selected sectors.

The fund investment focus is in the small to medium enterprise (SME) sector where the opportunities to unlock value and scale the underlying investments are maximized.

“Sakhisizwe” is an isiXhosa name meaning “building the nation”. Our name speaks to the core of what we do, help build SME’s thereby building the nation.


Our Investment Funds

Sakhisizwe - Private Equity Fund I (SPEF I)

The SPEF I fund was launched in 2019 and its investments mainly focused on the Infrastructure and ICT sectors. The fund is operated as a long-term investment fund with a specific focus on assisting our investments to scale and grow their businesses through collaboration and strategic value unlocking investments.

Sakhisizwe - Insurance and Tech Fund (Sakhisizwe ITF)

The Sakhisizwe ITF fund was launched in early 2022 to specifically focus on investments in the Insurance and financial services sectors. The investment strategy will predominantly focus on opportunities in the short-term insurance sector as well as various InsureTech initiatives in collaboration with existing ICT partners in our funds.

As an experienced B-BBEE investor, our objective is seeing our companies achieve sustainable growth and transformation during the investment period. As part of the long-term investor strategy, we work closely with management teams to achieve our investment objectives.


Sakhisizwe Private Equity adds value to its investments through its expertise in structuring and financing management buy-outs, leveraged buyouts and strategic (B-BBEE) transactions in partnership with the management teams and shareholders of the companies they invest in.

Our Investment Approach

The team has significant experience and skills in mergers and acquisitions, corporate structuring and , B-BBEE advisory and together with their established networks the team will play an active role in the companies in which it invests and to continually add value to its investment by leveraging all available networks and skills.

Our investment approach therefore prioritises the role of key management in the management team of the potential investment and we seek to develop a personal relationship with the management team as they play an integral role to the success of their business, and this is a fundamental building block towards unlocking future growth potential and synergies in any business.

Our investment approach further seeks investments that have anticipated growth of at least 15% per annum in aggregate over a five-year forecast period.

Underlying all our investments is our inherent requirement that our energy and efforts must positively contribute towards building our nation for all who live in it.

Collaboration and sharing of skills and networks to drive growth.